Javahir is a revolutionary product which gives you the full experience of narghile in a healthy way.

Why Javahir ?

Tobacco & Nicotine Free
Since there is no any harmful ingredients such as tobacco, nicotine, or carcinogenic materials in Aroma Javahir capsules in compared to traditional way of smoking.

Food Additives
In Aroma Javahir, the input is just natural food additives in the form of gel.

Without smoke and bad smell
No any smoke for your health, no heavy smell for furniture or clothes.

It is very easy to use and doesn't involve experience.

No coughing, No headache
Because there is no burning, Aroma Javahir doesn't cause any coughing, headache or stomach problems like traditional way of narghile.

Out of Closed Area Regulations
Aroma Javahir gives a legal and safe alternative service for cafeterias, restaurants, narghile lounges and bars. Because there is no tobacco and smoke in Aroma Javahir, our product is not affected from the tobacco regulations.

Limitless tastes with the same standard
We are promising a limitless taste of alternatives with a high level of standards from our full-automated manufacturing facility.

How To Use

Choose one of the Aroma Javahir capsules according to your taste and take the cover off.

Place the vapor capsule inside the bowl.

Cover the bowl with a piece of aluminum folio and put a piece of ready charcoal over the folio as traditional way.

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